I am a Technologist and independent Developer.

In 2012 I left my Corporate ambitions behind and started a new journey. The world seemed to change so quickly and that life did not make sense anymore.

So, I consolidated and minimised my life and got on an aeroplane.

Technology and the way it's changing our lives intrigues me. It's a complex world, and with it comes complex challenges.

I've come to see the good and the bad, and it's made me realise that it's up to us, individually to help steer this wave of change to be a positive change for all of us.

So I build systems. I look for opportunities where people are being exploited, and try to provide alternatives.

CryptoCurrencies and Digital Money lies at the heart of all of my initiatives, because I believe this is where we are most vulnerable.

Fixing money, fixes many other things.

Hope you enjoy my systems, and feel free to send me your feedback and comments inside Travel Chat, or LinkedIn.